Peek inside the life of Lana Clarkson!

Born in Southern California but raised in the beautiful hills of the Napa Valley, Lana is one of a rare breed, a California Native. After fate brought her back to Hollywood in her teens, she knew that she had to pursue her lifelong dream of becoming a performer.

Here's Lana in Cloverdale, California at age 11 riding bareback on her Strawberry Roan mare, Breeze. Her blond hair and legs already long!

Lana began working and studying at an early age to prepare for her ultimate vocation, that of an entertainer. Though she has studied with some of the best teachers the West Coast has to offer, Lana feels that her "on the job training" has been the most beneficial.

From her early television work in shows such as Three's Company and Happy Days or films such as Scarface and Fast Times at Ridgemont High, Lana was working with the best in the business, gaining invaluable knowledge and discipline.

She then began a long association with producer Roger Corman where she attended what she likes to call the "boot Camp" of filmmaking. She had the opportunity to make several films, working on location in foreign countries, playing her sword wielding character Barbarian Queen in the film series of the same name, a character Roger fondly calls "the original Xena."

Lana has gone on to guest star in over 50 television shows from Knightrider and Wings to Silk Stalkings and Black Scorpion and films such as Amazon Women on the Moon and Blind Date.

She has recently been spending her time doing National Commercials creating comedic characters for companies such as Mercedes Benz, Playtex, Nike, Anheuser Busch and KMART. Working for the KMART Corporation, Lana makes personal appearances as the character she created for the Route 66 clothing campaign, Katie Earline Wilson.

Lana is a vintage movie fan and was inspired by blonde bombshell Marylin Monroe. She surrounds herself with Marylin memorablia. Whether acting, writing, singing or dancing, doing sketch and stand-up comedy or entertaining her clients at Project Angel Food, where she volunteers weekly, Lana has a unique gift for generating laughter wherever she goes. A firm believer that laughter is one of the healing forces of the planet, Lana hopes to bring her comedy to an ever-widening audience.