Lana Clarkson Stars as Amethea,
in the Roger Corman classic
aka Queen of the Naked Steel
aka Reina Salvaje

Written by: Howard R. Cohen
Shot in 1985 by famed Argentinean film director Hector Olivera,
the film has gone on to become a cult favorite.
CAST: Lana Clarkson, Katt Shea, Dawn Dunlap, Susana Traverso, Frank Zagarino, Victor Bo, Arman Chapman

Roger Corman has been quoted saying that the character Xena Warrior Princess
was based on Barbarian Queen, the character originated by Lana.
Corman recently stated, "Lana was a beautiful woman, a wonderful actress, and an adventurous spirit. Always brave, she performed all of her own stunts, and showed unusual fortitude and athleticism in her horseback riding and fight sequences."

orLana - "When Roger Corman gave me the opportunity to travel to Argentina & Mexico, ride horses, swing a broadsword and generally wreak havoc on the male population, I jumped at the chance. The film was shot on location in Buenos Aires, or rather just north of the city up the Pan Americana Highway in a small town called Don Torquato. We were housed at a beautiful old Polo club and filmed nearby at Estudios America. The Argentine production values were very high and I thought they did an amazing job with the costumes, which I had a hand in designing. I have a rather curvy figure, so I had to put in my two cents to get the costumes to fit perfectly! We also shot on location in the mountains & the Pampas, at a lovely river or 'Tigre. I learned early on, specifically on these early films I did for Roger in foreign countries, to enjoy the people and culture of the country I was fortunate enough to be working in. I absorb and learn languages very quickly so in the case of Barbarian Queen, I spent the majority of my down time (one day a week), with facinating Argentinians. Making that film was an incredible experience, one I will never forget and always value. I bring with me from that experience, many of the values and professional ethics that I have today. It is true what they say; "working for Roger is like attending 'The Bootcamp' of film making."

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