BARBARIAN QUEEN II: The Empress Strikes Back
Starring Lana Clarkson

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Barbarian Queen II was filmed in Mexico City at Estudios America as well as on location in surrounding rural areas. They built the exterior castle set on the back lot and the interiors were the work of their talented Art Directors as well. I really enjoyed working there and love the extremely intellegent and festive Mexican people.


Lana Clarkson - Amathia--The Barbarian Queen
Greg Wrangler - Aurion
Rebecca Wood - Ziela
Elizabeth Jaeger - Noki
Roger Cudney - Hofrax
Alejandro Bracho - Ankaris
Cecilia Tijerina - Tamis
Orietta Aguilar - Erigena
Carolina Valero - Nabis
Monica Steuer - Ethbek
Carlos Romano - Peasant
Manuel Benitez - Captain
Antonio Zubiaga - King's Soldier
George Belanger - 1st Noble
John Sterlini - 2nd Noble
Patrick Welch - Noble's Father
Auturo Ostos - 1st Soldier
Alejandro Landero - 2nd Soldier
Francisco Tostado - 3rd Soldier
Hector DeRubi - 4th Soldier
Memo Ayala - Iron Man


Joe Finley


Alan Krone
Tony Norway

Executive Producer(s):
Robert North

Associate Producer(s):
James Alfaro

Francisco Bojorques

Francisco Chiu

Music Composer:
Chris Young

Art Direction:
Francisco Magallon

Costume Design:
Ignacia Aguilar